My name is Sandy Jacoby, and I’m the original heart and fingers behind Sheep Dreamzzz baby blankets. When I became a first-time grandmother to Sarah Kate and Malachi in 2017, I knitted each of them a cuddly blanket I hoped they would treasure. Other moms started asking my daughters where they could get the blanket for their little ones, which gave me an idea: I could teach women where I live in Malpaisillo, Nicaragua how to knit the blanket. By having them keep 100% of the profit from each sale, these women would finally have a way to support their families.

Here's where you enter the story. Your purchase of a hand-made Sheep Dreamzzz baby blanket helps empower a woman in Malpaisillo. And when you support a woman, you support a family. It’s that simple. High-quality materials and love in each careful stitch make these blankets extra snuggly. We're sure your baby will approve.

Wishing Sheep Dreamzzz to your little lamb!
The Blankets

These cuddly blankets feature 24 cute little sheep and are sized for snuggling, whether in the crib or in the car seat. Click for larger image.

click here for a gallery of blankets completed & women impacted

Each handmade blanket measures approximately 2 ft x 2 ft and costs $69 with delivery included anywhere in the US. Blanket color options are in the bar below. The blanket body is 57% cotton, 28% nylon, and 15% polyester. Sheep are white and 100% polyester.
Your Next Step:  Blankets take time to make, and we must factor in our return trips to the US about every 3 months, so please communicate with Sandy by email regarding availability. Then she will send you a link to the blanket ordering page. Contact her at smjacoby123@gmailcom.
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