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Nicaragua is a tropical country in Central America, with beautiful scenery and poor but friendly people.  The government is more or less socialist, aligning itself with the likes of Cuba and Venezuela, with lots of infrastructure challenges that contribute to its being the 2nd-poorest country in the western hemisphere. Nicaragua is relatively safe, especially when compared to its northern neighbors El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Borders: Honduras to the north, Costa Rica to the south

Closest US state in size: Louisiana

Right half of the country speaks little Spanish and is divided between Miskito indians in the north and people of African descent in the south.

At least 19 volcanos, some active, and earth tremors several times each year (Managua was destroyed by an earthquake in 1972).

Lake Nicaragua is the 19th largest lake in the world and the only freshwater lake with sharks!

On the map above, Malpaisillo is about 1/5 the distance from León to Estelí.
Our Observations

People are poor but happier than the average person in the US.  For example driving is crazy but road rage simply never happens.

Many roads have severe potholes that never seem to get fixed.

Tons of fruits and vegetables available at roadside stands.  Most significant native offerings: mango, plantain, avocado, pitahaya, pineapple.

Nicaraguans, both male and female, are called "nicas"

The red and black colors seen in the photo above are the Sandinista party colors.  They are seen everywhere.

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