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Buenpaisillo is a new agricultural enterprise in the very poor town of Malpaisillo, home to about 8000 Nicaraguans. This little farm, or finca, generates income for poor families and will more fresh food, including plantains, tomatoes, papaya, and tilapia (using aquaponics).

The farm is 1.25 manzanas in size (2.25 acres), and carved out from one corner of a larger field.  After fencing it in, we planted pitahaya (called "dragon fruit" in some English-speaking places but native to Central America), then plantains, passion fruit, and a few other fruits.  Here's the full list of everything we've planted so far, in whatever quantity:

Fruit Trees:  Mandarin orange, fig, starfruit, avocado, lime, pomegranate, grapefruit, sour orange, sweet orange, guayaba, nispero, zapote, coconut

Other Fruits and Vegetables: Plantain, banana, papaya, pitahaya, passion fruit, watermelon, canteloupe, tomato, pole beans, pipian (think summer squash but white instead of yellow), sweet potato

We put in a well, hand-dug to 150 feet and have drip irrigation through most of the property.  Getting to our current state has involved a lot of work, which means people earning money.
Recent Accomplishments

Added 100 plantains.  We can now sell plantains in the street twice a week.

Current Priorities

Decide on a plan for going solar in the fish growing area (lots of pumping) and find the funds

Build the second aquaponics growbed, for when batch #1 of tilapia moves up to the next-largest tank in January 2016

Expand pipian and green bean production, this time in elevated fashion for easier upkeep


In an aquaponics system, fish are raised and their dirty water is used to organically feed food plants such as tomatoes or lettuce.  In our system, tomatoes will grow in a medium and it's bacteria there that will convert fish ammonia to nitrites and then to nitrates for use by the plants.
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