Sheep Not Goats
Sheep Not Goats
Sandy staring down into the smoking crater of Volcan Masaya, a couple of miles from our former home just outside of Managua.
It's surprisingly easy to get in touch with us - really no more difficult than if we were in the US.  That is IF the electricity is on.  Options below.
Email and Phone

Phone - We use Google Voice, so we have US phone numbers that act just like cell phones, including texting:

 - Sandy: 513 226 3622
 - Steve: 352 658 1223


Facebook and More

Perhaps you will "like" the Sheep Not Goats facebook page and post comments there.

Thinking about visiting Nicaragua?  We would love to see you and share first-hand what it's been like for us.  We have also helped a few people think through how they might prepare to do something similar down the road.
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