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Sheep Not Goats
Sheep Not Goats is a non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue code.  We help the poor in Nicaragua by giving them employment on our farm, Finca Buenpaisillo, enabling them to provide for their families, attend school, and save for the future.  We also help in other ways when we encounter specific needs.  Like us on Facebook
What We Do

1. On our farm we grow various fruits and also raise and sell tilapia.  This provides jobs for people who want to work and helps to offset our expenses.

2. Within our community (Malpaisillo), we look for other opportunities to enable access to medical care, food, and other basic needs.

3. We teach English in order to provide a skill that can increase one's job prospects.

4. Executive directors Steve & Sandy Jacoby live on-site in Nicaragua much of the year and receive no salaries.
Some of those Helped

These are some who have worked on the farm or received other assistance so far.

Current Workers

Past Workers



Quick introduction to Sheep Not Goats
Fun video made by our son when visiting. You'll see the farm, the beach, volcanoes, animals, and more from our 5 years here in Nicaragua.

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