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Our non-profit operates from donations plus steadily increasing proceeds from the farm. Your tax deductible donations provide wages to poor Nicaraguans who want to work. We accept no salaries and there are almost no administrative costs. Please consider becoming a monthly donor.
Sheep Not Goats
Sheep Not Goats
Use the boxes below to learn about specific Sheep Not Goats projects and to donate to a specific area.  Clicking "Donate" takes you to PayPal checkout where you can complete your payment or return to add another donation in a separate giving area.  To give by other means, please contact us.

Many companies will match their employees' donations; we have worked with several to become approved for their company match.
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All Purposes Donations here may be applied to any project or other activity that is consistent with the Sheep Not Goats bylaws as approved and amended by the board of directors.  This includes the farm as well as other forms of assistance offered to individuals in the community (medical, education, financial, food...)
The Farm Donations here may be applied to any project related to the farm, Finca Buenpaisillo, including fish production.  Most funds are used to pay the workers as construction projects are mostly complete.
Fish Farming The system involves tanks for tilapia, grow beds for plants, pumps to move and aerate water, and electricity.  The poor in Malpaisillo don't each much meat (and almost never fish), so we will provide a new and affordable protein source.  more The fish-growing system is being integrated with the overall farm, for example dirty fish water is spread to the plantains (vs. clean water), thus reducing the need to pump water to grow beds.
Kids Camp Give here to help local kids attend the Swamp Corps Nicaragua camp held each January.  Swamp Camp is an excellent way to invest in the children here. 2016, 2017, and 2018 camps were completed.  Donate now to help kids attend in January 2019.
Medical Support There is extensive physical sickness here, especially problems with kidneys, diabetes, and mosquito-borne illnesses.  Your help here enables us to help poor people afford doctor visits and medicines. Where practical, recipients are asked to pay part of the expense for their care and/or earn their support through work on the farm.
Knitting Women from the community are knitting baby blankets for buyers outside of Nicaragua.  These are really special blankets that sell for $69 apiece, and the local knitters keep 100% of profit from each blanket.  Donations enable us to pay more during the training process and to provide occasional incentive bonuses. Recruitment is an ongoing process and several women have already completed one or more blankets.  They get paid each time they complete a blanket.  Orders are far exceeding capacity to produce.
Elder Care Every Thursday morning, elderly people in the community share a healthy breakfast on the porch of the clinic in front of the farm.  Your donation helps to purchase the food and, for most, their transportation via triciclo (32 cents each way). These breakfasts are ongoing and are an opportunity for peopl who are not highly mobile to get out, get a good meal, and have some fellowship with others.
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