Alejandro and Alejandra

When we came to Malpaisillo, Alejandro and Alejandra were compañeros, meaning they were living together but not married.  Then Alejandro and his son Lito studied the Bible and were baptized, and Alejandro and Alejandra got married.  A year later, in April 2015, Alejandro died after many years of poor health in his liver.

When we were digging our well, Alejandro was on their white horse, Chela, pulling all the dirt, gravel, and sand up from the botom.  He often worked as a cuidador (watchman) for the farm.

Alejandro and Alejandra have no children together, although Alejandro has nine of his own from his previous wife, who was killed by a drunk driver over a decade ago.  Following Alejandro's death, Alejandra was afraid that she would not be able to make it on her own, so we have incorporated her into the cuidador schedule.  She watches the farm parts of four separate days and nights each week.