Christian Mendoza Valdivia is 18 years old.  He lives in a small house with his sister Mariana, his older brother Enmanuel, and Enmanuel's wife and young son.  His father died when he was 11, and his mother works as a housekeeper in Managua, sending a small amount of money home each month.

Christian is one of the leaders in the church's student ministry, and he attends the university in León every Saturday.  In addition to occasional farm work in the past, Christian now works alongside his brother Enmanuel on the Casas Sin Insectos project, screening in doors, windows, and whole houses in order to protect families with young children from diseases carried by flies, mosquitos, and other pests (geckos among them).  It's our hope that this will turn into an actual business - Hermanos Mendoza Cia!