Hessell (Paulino Ruíz Delgadillo)

Hessell began work with us in 2015 after running a small but struggling cellphone repair business.  He became the king of nighttime security when Raúl moved over to daytime work.  Hessell is a very intelligent and responsible person.  He's one of the main people we rely on when we are not in Nicaragua.

Hessell is married, to Edixia, and in 2016 they had their first child, a daughter.  With his income, Hessell was able to build a small house for his family.  During that project, Sheep Not Goats was able to contribute manual labor, that is we sent Bismarck and others over to work some shifts at Hessell's property laying bricks and putting up his roof.  Hessell is an experienced welder, which pays off at his house but also on the farm.  Bismarck may be #2 welder, but Hessell is clearly #1.  He cut and welded all of our security doors (and those at the Charleston Clinic next door), as well as the supports onto which our solar panels are attached.

Hessell also supports his 9-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Bridgie.  This year Bridgie was able to attend her first Swamp Camp, with her dad paying 50%.  Hessell has been very diligent about saving his money, often asking for more than the normal 10% to be set aside for him.  He's also the main songleader at his church.