Lucio (López)

Prior to 2013, Lucio lived in a house made of sticks and black plastic, raising pigs and finding other work when he could.  Despite a rough upbringing and a challenging life, Lucio is always joyful and generous.

Lucio was one of the original 4 full-time workers on the farm.  He was involved in clearing the field, planting fence posts, and many other grueling tasks.  He still works full-time on the farm, and now one of his teenage sons also works there, part-time.

With his salary, Lucio has been able to support his 2 boys, Luciowho live with their mother (one was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago).  He's remarried and he and his wife Claudia had a son in 2016.  With the help of Bismarck (another worker), Lucio is building a house for his new family, with brick walls, a tin roof, and perhaps someday a concrete floor (dirt floors are the norm in the area).

With the help of Sheep Not Goats donors, Lucio has been able to send his sons Richard and Ronni to Swamp Camp every year that it has been in Nicaragua.  This year he paid half of the cost himself, so with 2 boys he funded one entire camper, enabling others with greater need to receive more help.  This is a big deal and shows Lucio's love for his boys and willingness to step up to the plate financially.

Lucio works hard, and participates in our quarterly savings plan to the maximum extent.  We cannot imagine running the farm without Lucio!