Raúl (Ernesto Diaz Rojas )

Raúl came to work on the farm at the end of 2014.  He began doing nighttime security, and later moved to daytime work, where he is one our fulltime hands during the day.  Raúl has proven himself to be very responsible and is also a very gentle person.  He and his wife Cristina have two childen, Raulito (little Raúl), and Ester.

The first thing that Sheep Not Goats was able to do for Raúl (and this was probably before he came to work with us) was to help finish the small brick house that he and Cristina had begun building.  We finished the tin roof and added bug screening.  This was enabled through a donation from a Sheep Not Goats donor in the US.  We were also able to help Raúl and the other members of his family living on the same land not to lose their homes through an unfortunate decision by a relative.  Raúl was able to resign his position and receive his accrued vacation, annual bonus, and liquidation in order to accomplish this.  Then we hired him back.