Sheep Not Goats is a humanitarian organization working to help the poor in Nicaragua through employment, food & medical assistance, and other forms of help as needs arise. We are an IRS-registered 501(c) (3) charity and a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Florida. To donate or manage an existing recurring donation, use the link above.

Our Philosophy

We believe it’s better to provide the means of earning income than to give handouts. This helps the poor to get what they really need and gives the dignity of providing for one’s family through the work of one’s hands. For us, that work is labor on the farm and making baby blankets that we sell in the US.

Of course there are other types of needs from time to time that require direct assistance. These are often medical in nature or in response to a sudden situation where people cannot afford to eat. Sheep Not Goats does its best to step up in those situations, often putting out an appeal to friends and associates for financial help.

Finca Buenpaisillo

We built a farm in a very poor town called Malpaisillo. We grow guayaba, tilapia, citrus fruits, and a few other things, most notably our Q2 2022 addition of chickens for egg production.

We employed many people in building the from an empty corner of a very large field. There’s a 150-ft-deep well and 100% of our energy comes from  solar energy thanks to several generous gifts from a single donor.

Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blankets

This is a self-sustaining initiative where we’ve taught local women to knit beautiful baby blankets and loveys, most of which we sell on this site (see here).

The women knit inside our home, mostly in our living room on couches and rocking chairs. They talk, listen to music, and work together to ensure that as many as possible finish a blanket every week.

We track the financials of the Sheep Dreamzzz business carefully to make sure we pay the ladies as much as possible. With more sales we definitely want to give them more hours and opportunities to earn.

Whenever you need a baby gift, please remember Sheep Dreamzzz. The hand-knitted quality is excellent. We have blankets, smaller loveys, and beautiful gift sets. Unlike 99% of off-the-shelf baby blankets, ours never see the inside of a factory or any machinery until we sew our label on at the very end! And it’s a gift that makes a difference, empowering a woman to feed her family. Each blanket feeds a family for about a week!

We have lightweight blankets, warm/winter blankets, blankets for baby boys, blankets for baby girls, baby blanket gift sets, gender-neutral blankets, super-soft baby blankets, blankets for toddlers, baby loveys, and more.


“I wanted to find a gift for a family member that is expecting their first born but also wanted to find a gift that would bring joy to someone else by a non-profit organization gift. I found your organization and I was thrilled to receive this beautiful blanket and knowing it is helping another family through your organization. Blanket is so very soft and made with great care!” 

Food Assistance

Nicaragua has the worst economy in Central America. There are few jobs, and inflation was soaring as early as 2018, well before what we’ve experienced in North America. During times of crisis Sheep Not Goats has raised money for and distributed food to people in both Managua and Malpaisillo. We’ve also give weekly food support to especially needy individuals. We do this by purchasing credit at a local food outlet; this ensures that 100% goes for food.

For several years we hosted a hot breakfast for 20+ senior citizens of the community. This was not only a time of receiving food, coffee, and a vitamin, but also for all to socialize and see how each person is doing.

During COVID this shifted to home delivery and we have not been able to return to in-person meals just yet. We pay our workers who take extra time to purchase and prepare the food and to set up and clean up.

Medical Assistance

We watch for medical needs among our workers, and are open to helping with other situations in the community. Mostly it’s the poverty that leads people not to seek out quality care (something quite different from the public health system) or to purchase medicines they’ve been told to use. At times we loop in specialists in the US to take advantage of their expertise.

Recently we were able to purchase a wheelchair for one of the ladies who receives the Thursday breakfasts and can no longer walk.

If we don’t have donation money already earmarked for medical use, we put out a call for support for a specific person.

How You Can Help

You can help our work in several ways:

  • Buy a Sheep Dreamzzz Baby Blanket – This may seem like an odd one to lead with, but since by the time we have a baby blanket in our inventory in the US we have already paid for the yarn and labor, to us it’s like receiving a donation. It immediately gives us money to keep things running. And with enough volume we can let the women knit more and potentially train more.
  • Become a Monthly Donor – It’s easy to sign up for an automatic deduction, which you can set for once a month or once a year in any amount. Donations are tax-deductible in the US.
  • Make a One-Time Donation – Same page as for recurring donations. We appreciate any support that you can give.
  • Sign up for Our Newsletters – We send a Sheep Not Goats update every 1-3 months and a Sheep Dreamzzz update every month. A good way to remain in touch with what we are doing and to be informed about specific needs. Sign up here.
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