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A former worker, Medardo, carries one of our first plantain cabezas

We built a farm, Finca Buenpaisillo, to provide employment, and we raise tilapia and various fruits.  We help people with urgent medical and other needs, but always want to give people the satisfaction of earning something.

Our Story

Sheep Dreamzzz


Women from poor communities are trained to knit adorable baby blankets that we sell in the US.  They keep almost all of the profit from each blanket.  The rest (plus donations) help us expand to more locations and knitters.

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Your Money


For all 6 years of Sheep Not Goats' existence, no "first worlder" has received a salary, so your tax-deductible donations go to helping the needy, not for overhead (ok we do pay our bills, but you get the point). 

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