About Sheep Dreamzzz

Sandy Jacoby teaching women in Nicaragua to make Sheep Dreamzzz blankets


Sheep Dreamzzz began after Sandy Jacoby, one of the directors of the Sheep Not Goats 501(c)(3) non-profit operating in Nicaragua, had her first grandchildren in 2017 and made them each a baby blanket with little sheep on it. Sandy had been looking for a way to help women in Nicaragua, and began to recruit and train a group that now numbers close to twenty. 

There is great need for jobs in Nicaragua, the poorest country in Central America, and since April 2018 a country undergoing significant civil unrest and government-sponsored violence against its own people. This is taking a huge toll on the economy and the ability of Nicaraguans to survive and care for their families.

Women in Nicaragua knitting Sheep Dreamzzz blankets

Empowering Women

In recruiting women to knit, Sandy gives strong preference to women in desperate situations. Most are single mothers or have significant health or family issues. Once trained, each knitter receives 100% of the profit for the blankets she makes, including per-blanket pay and an equal share of program "profit" as calculated quarterly.

The Sheep Dreamzzz knitters have become quite proficient at their craft, and may be the only Nicaraguan knitters in the country! Yarn is not available there (perhaps year-round temperatures consistently in the 90s have something to do with that) and has to be brought in from the US. The Jacobys used to bring favorite foods from the US but now now it's all about the yarn!

One of the Jacobys' grandchildren with her Sheep Dreamzzz blanket

The Blankets

Sheep Dreamzzz began with solid-color baby blankets that are mostly cotton and incredibly soft. We've now branched out to include multicolor options, including blankets in the colors of a range of US colleges and professional sports teams.

Everything we do and every new thing that we try is about the women. We will continue to move in new directions because we want to sell as many Sheep Dreamzzz knitted blankets as possible.

If you want to be part of Sheep Dreamzzz, we would love to speak with you about custom colors for your school or business, or just for some sweet little lamb you'd like to surprise with a lovely blanket.