Crazy-soft baby blankets hand-knit by dedicated women to support their families in a small town in Nicaragua. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization - the women receive ALL of the profit. This is a gift that truly gives back!  learn more

Scroll through the images below to see blankets, babies, and the women who make them. Order just below.

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Every purchase helps a woman feed her family and purchase medicine, school supplies, and other necessities. 100% of the profit goes to the women - nobody else receives anything!

In the store below you will see soft, cotton-based hand-knit baby blankets with 24 adorable, fluffy sheep on each one. There's also a $5 donation option to help us expand Sheep Dreamzzz to more women and more locations. Multiply that in the shopping cart to get to the tax-deductible amount that you want to give.

You'll also see a few unique blankets from when we try out new yarns, as well as some in the colors of major college and professional sports teams. Read more about those here, including how to request a custom blanket for your team, organization, or simply your personal preference.


New products are coming soon!

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